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InPursuit is a community and safe space where Agile practitioners can seek guidance and support, share their ideas, and experiment – all in the pursuit of better.

InPursuit is a fun and informational blog aimed at Agile practitioners seeking clarity and support as they start or continue a journey of learning – and as we further our own.

We aim to inspire while providing accessible thought pieces, easy to use tools kits, playbooks, and assurance. We offer practical advice from a community of professionals – each drawing from their own perspective, experience, specific skill-set, and unique personality! InPursuit is relatable, honest, and conversational.

We don’t consider ourselves experts. Rather, we are passionate practitioners at various stages of our own careers who share a common goal of commitment to professional growth and accountability and share a desire to help others through support, encouragement, and active community as they also seek to improve.

We believe that content should be honest, have a real-world perspective, and provide learning opportunities for all. We seek healthy debate and encourage professional development and excellence in the area of Agile thinking within a community that is respectful, accessible, and fun.

Our commitment is to regularly deliver original content and facilitate debate and conversation via an active online community and physical meetups.

We encourage you to engage in our community, experiment, share, be brave enough to fail, and have fun while in the pursuit of better.  

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