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About Us

'We encourage you to engage in our community, experiment, share, be brave enough to fail, and have fun while in the pursuit of better.'
Paul Marshall
'I help teams reframe how they think about product development.'

I am passionate about people and committed to creating positive working environments that promote value first working methods – leaving teams to self-organise, create, and innovate.

You’ll mostly find me at home with my wife Lizzie and daughter India, drinking coffee somewhere, occasionally working out in the gym, or enjoying good food and laughs with friends.

For me, InPursuit provides an active community where I can gain and share knowledge with a group of amazing people.

Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Keji Adedeji
'I'm passionate about identifying and solving the right customer problems.'

My experience has mainly been in B2B, at a successful edTech startup and more recently in B2C with larger product teams and organisations. I work with teams to help them develop product competencies, processes and a true agile mindset within the organisation in order to deliver their product strategy.

Giving back to the product community I have learned so much from gives me great pleasure. I started and continue to curate the Birmingham chapter of ProductTank and recently became the regional coordinator for ProductTanks in the EMEA region.

Fun fact about me: In the spring and summer months, you can find me whizzing about Birmingham on my little red Vespa called Roxy.

Marc Fulner
'I'm passionate about Product, Tech and the User Experience.'

Delivering software that solves real user problems is my jam. From creating the product vision through to user research I love all areas of Product Management.

My experience is B2B from startup through to established mature organisations. I’ve worked with very small teams who have to be incredibly focussed through to teams scaling quickly and all the challenges that bring.

I’m an agile evangelist, I love the purist Agile mindset, however, know how hard this is to achieve working within real organisations. InPursuit is an opportunity to share stories within an active community so that we can all become better.

Amon Kipligat
'I believe that technology can help create compelling customer experiences if used in the right way. '

I’m an award-winning developer and technical architect with over 10 years experience.

My career to date has given me the opportunity to work on many innovative projects – collaborating with cool startups, challenger brands, and enterprise organisations.

Right now, I’m focused on my start-up Hyve. We’re working hard to bring you the world’s best all in one customer advocacy platform. Watch this space!

We’re Midlands based and proud!