All companies are now technology companies
Successful businesses today rely heavily on their ability to delight customers by offering technology powered solutions to everyday problems.

With decades of experience in technology and product, InPursuit exists to provide support and expertise across the entire software product development lifecycle – to help you embrace technology, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition.  

We obsessively seek better ways of working, effective tools, and techniques pioneered by the tech industry. We bring these things to you so you’re free to do what you do best.

InPursuit Team
Laser Focused Alignment

InPursuit will work with you to deploy your product strategy – radiating and embedding your strategic vision across your organisation using established lean methods.

We know from experience; once laser focused alignment is achieved – this is where the magic happens.

Customer obsession

We provide the tools and the framework within which your teams can reach their full creative potential.

We’ll streamline the product discovery process by providing facilitated workshops where we’ll leverage modern tools and techniques to significantly shorten time to build. 

Scrum Mastery

Your team needs support; a servant leader who understands their needs, has their back, and helps them reach their true potential.

We’ll tirelessly challenge dysfunction within the team, breakdown barriers to success, and help each individual reach their full potential.

Beyond Lean and Agile
No shortcuts. No silver bullets.

We don’t promise silver bullet solutions or try and force fit the latest fad method.

Instead, we go beyond Lean and Agile and partner with you, helping you overcome the challenges we face together by leveraging tried and tested principles and modern working methods – all underpinned by solid values.

Challenge.Inspire. Support.
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We’ll help you raise the bar - concept to customer.

We take a holistic approach to product. Our coaching services span the entire product development lifecycle – from concept to customer. We work with you to build highly adaptive, world-class technology product teams who skilfully harness modern working practices and techniques to consistently and rapidly deliver software products customers love. We’re not consultants. We’re part of your team – helping you get stuff done.

Great product teams form a strategic vision and cascade a set of objectives across their organisation – to unite and inspire.

Laser focused alignment remains elusive to many – good teams struggle to reach their full potential.

We will deploy your product strategy using tried and tested Lean methods. Teams pulling together to reach a set of measurable goals – motivated through purpose.

Your challenge is to quickly and consistently deliver products that customers love.

Product discovery is often drawn out and lacking structure – resulting in underwhelming but costly products built on a ‘hunch’.

We’ll ensure discovery is lightweight but robust – applying a modern approach during tailored workshops.

InPursuit will streamline the process whilst encouraging innovation – allowing you to quickly achieve market fit.

Your goal is to rapidly and consistently deliver value to your customers – be a world-class team.

But, your stymied by poor process.

Your dedicated Scrum Master will coach your team in all aspects of the Scrum framework – so everyone becomes a master of their individual craft.

We’ll free up your time, and ensure that your teams are able to consistently deliver quality, innovate, and reach their full potential.

Coaching Services
Culture is the thing that binds us together.

As you embrace technology, you’ll need to re-think how you operate at all levels of your business. InPursuit will work to arm your teams with the right knowledge, tools and training so that they’ll be able to deal with complexity and unleash their full creative potential.

We’ll work with you to foster a team-based culture within your organisation that embraces change, constantly raises the bar, and puts the customer first – a network of highly aligned, loosely coupled, high performing teams. We’ll challenge you to think differently.

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What they're saying

Paul proved himself to be a world-class scrum master who is too humble to call himself an agile coach. But that’s what he is; an advocate for, and an enabler of, agile practices. Not just within product development but organisation-wide.

Paul had a transformational impact on his team and applied his natural facilitation skills outside his team at every opportunity. Honest. Hard working and dedicated. Paul is an asset to any company in pursuit of agile excellence.

James Davies
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